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• Grand Opening Nov. 1, 2016 •
Welcome to Girl Reinvented, my life-changing travel adventure (as chronicled in my blog) and now my new company, and textile brand. GR represents all women and girls with a dream and the courage to go after it. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. #BLAZEYOUROWNTRAIL

Under her umbrella are my two brands: DISHRAGGS and CHARITYRAGGS. I spent years dreaming of someday building the perfect company; one where I could marry all of my passions, build a real brand and give back – all at the same time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become fruition, but it did!

 is a high-end line of premium dishtowels designed and produced by me in my workshop. Each towel is a labor of love, a work of art, and a little piece of me. I plan to make a different DishRagg to represent every expression in life. Think of DishRaggs the same way you might hang a framed picture on your wall. DishRaggs are a fun, whimsical way to express yourself, they make the perfect gift and they're also a great way to #giveback.


CHARITYTRAGGS is my newest baby. Anyone who knows me knows I thrive on helping people and raising money for good causes – it's my true passion. There's nothing more rewarding than giving back. Nothing. 

I was in the shower a week ago when a light bulb went off. Don't all brilliant ideas happen in the shower? Well, they do for me. I figured when I got big enough I would donate a percentage of sales to charity, but that wasn't happening anytime soon. How could I help now? Boom – out of nowhere, the perfect formula just popped in my head! 

As a charity, you have no out of pocket expenses or commitments. I do all the work. No wasted inventory as I print on demand. $5 of every CharityRagg sold will go directly to charity! 100 towels sell = $500 for your charity! Decorate your kitchen for Thanksgiving, or give the perfect hostess gift, and help feed the homeless at the same time! Each CharityRagg comes in a matching cotton, reusable gift bag. (For more information, visit the CharityRaggs link above.)

I call our model the "Circle of Giving." We design the CharityRagg together, we promote it together to your audience and mine, consumers purchase and receive a beautiful product and then we write you a check!

All donations will be 100% transparent. 

2014-2015 was a period filled with devastating loss. You must choose to be positive. You must train your mind to see the good in everything. Beautiful poems don't always rhyme. Life doesn't always make sense, but if you stay positive and follow your heart, I believe good things will happen.

Diana Kuen
~ XOXO Girl Reinvented








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